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My Story

Many of my greatest memories growing up are centered around different types of fishing throughout panama city, Florida. At an early age, I began to fish with my dad where we would wade fish for trout in the bay. As time went on, I began to fish many different parts of the bay from a small 12ft john boat. After some time, I started to fish the city's ponds and lakes, where I instantly developed a love for freshwater fishing. I enjoy the challenge of discovering different lures and fishing techniques that can be used to attract freshwater fish, specifically bass. Bass fishing has been an outlet for me to relieve stress and admire god's creation in nature. In my late teenage years, saltwater fishing sparked my interest once again and provided a similar challenge.

At the age of 19, I got my USCG 100ton Masters License and combined a career and passion: saltwater charter fishing. Since then, I have worked on several charter boats which have allowed me to build up knowledge and experience in the art of catching saltwater fish. It is a true blessing to be able to tell others that I thoroughly enjoy my career. I hope to spread my passion and love for this sport to you, your family, and friends.