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Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is probably by far my favorite type of fishing to do. Every year I look forward to the tarpon migration. In Northwest Florida the tarpon usually run from May through August with the best months being June and July. Tarpon are a very extraordinary fish, most of them are pretty big. They are normally anywhere from 70 to 200 lbs. Just to see these fish swimming in schools is a thrill in itself let alone to be blessed to have one on the line and witness there acrobatics as they jump and skip across the water is one heck of and experience. 

Most of the tarpon fishing is done with a combination of live and artificial baits on spin tackle. If your up for the challenge and want to try to catch one on FLY, COME ON!!!


1-2 Anglers $600 (5 Hours)
($50 each additional hour)
Tarpon trips are limited to TWO people max