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January 5th, 2020

Panama City Beach Inshore fishing Report

This is a start of the new year and I’ve really been slacking on the fishing reports. So I’m planning on doing better this year with it. However the fishing so far has been decent. The weather has been kinda wishy washy, but if you get out on the good days it can be pretty productive. Most of what we have been catching is redfish in the open waters of the bay or around the pass. Also there’s a few trout to be caught back up in the creeks and bayous. The fishing in Panama City Beach is great no matter what time of year it is.

June 2nd, 2019

Panama City Beach Fishing

May 27th-June 2nd

Carson with a nice trout that he caught the other morning on a grass flat, even with the heat we have still been catching some trout in the shallows pretty consistently!

Jonathan with a nice bull red. They have been pretty reliable this week if you can time the tide right. These fish have ranged from 10-40lbs, make for a good fight in light tackle!

May 26th, 2019

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Report

May 13th-May 26th

HOT HOT HOT!!! It’s not only hot outside, the fishing has been pretty hot as well. Redfish have been biting pretty good as well as a few mangrove snappers. Also starting to see some sharks! This week we ventured offshore a couple days and got on some king mackerels.

May 12th, 2019

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Report

May 1st-May 12th

Summer is here!!! The inshore fishing in St Andrews bay has been phenomenal. Lots of different types of species have been being caught. Redfish have been pretty plentiful with the Occasional speckle trout mixed in. Been catching a few different types of snappers in the bay on small wrecks. Also caught a snook witch is very rare for our area. Snook are normally found further south in south Florida where the water stays warm year round, so to catch one in our area is pretty awesome to see.

May 12th, 2019

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Report

April 2019

Spring is almost over and summer is just right around the corner. As the weather starts to get hotter the fishing will do the same. The redfish bite continues to be the go to. We have been catching them in the shollows as well as around the pass in the deeper water. Also caught a few Cobia cruising down the beach.

April 11th, 2019

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Report

March 2019

Fishing has been as good as it gets. The weather has started to warm up and so has the fishing. The past few weeks the redfish bite has been awesome. Lots of big bull reds around the pass and some smaller ones up on the flats. Also the sheepshead are spawning and have moved out around the jetties and have been pretty consistent. Been catching a few pompano along the beach when the weather allows us to get out there. With the water getting warmer everyday it won’t be long and all the bait will start showing up and fishing will continue to get better.

January 16th, 2019

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Report

January 6th-13th 2019

Fishing has been fairly good! We have lots of strong north winds which brings cooler air temps and makes the low tides even lower. However we are still catching fish. The redfish have still been pretty active when you catch the tide right. Also have been catching a few black drum mixed in. Even caught some bonus Sheepshead this week which is a pretty good sign for what is to come. Speckled trout are still schooled up and we are starting to catch a few nicer fish mixed in with the smaller ones. So don’t let the cold weather scare you from getting out there and going fishing!!

Capt Garrison Rosie

December 26th, 2018

Panama City Beach Fishing Report

December 16-23 2018


Even with the colder weather fishing overall has been really good. The redfish has been the main focus on the past few trips. In the winter time we get big schools of spawning redfish, most of which are over slot size and can be a pretty good challenge on our light tackle. Speckled trout fishing has been good as well, most are smaller but once you get on a good school you can catch quite a few pretty fast. Lately the bait of choice has been live shrimp or bull minnows, mostly rigged on a Carolina rig or with a small split shot. As the winter goes on it should continue to stay the same for the next few weeks.

Gulf Fishing  

The offshore fishing has also been good, as long as the weather allows us to get out there. This time of year the seas can be very difficult to predict, the ideal condition is to have a north wind. Right now theres not a lot in season, however if you are looking for action it can be some phenomenal fishing.